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Gianfranco Ferré Home presents its new catalogue

Four locations, four professionals, four ways to understand and interpret the living space: the new Gianfranco Ferré Home catalogue showcases the residences of four professionals, each passionate about their work, which is reflected in the styling and layout of the home spaces they inhabit.

Page by page, the brand’s book-catalogue explores a new concept of the home, to be understood not only as a collection of spaces, but as a treasury of dreams, plans, memories and emotions. A place of infinite connections, a lifestyle mirror and a representation of character, in which furnishings and objects are the product of the meeting point between the person and the space that surrounds them. Differing in context, colours and style, the four residences are distinguished by the same idea of contemporary elegance, an expression of a new concept of luxury oriented towards feelings of belonging, comfort and contemplation. A habitation project centred around people and the spaces they create where they can feel free to dream and thrive.

THE ARCHITECT – An industrial-chic loft in New York’s enchanting SoHo quarter. A fluid space that expresses the eclecticism and creativity of the metropolis, designed for the full, dynamic and inclusive lifestyle of the architect-designer. The colour palette is composed of warm, delicate tones in shades of beige and brown, the bold furniture and vintage-inspired pieces create a unique composite that reveals the character and ambitions of the home’s owner.

THE GALLERIST – A gallery-abode in the heart of Singapore. A penthouse distinguished by generous spaces and immense glass walls baring breath taking city views, where artworks interact with sumptuous, spectacular furniture pieces whose sophisticated finishes and expressive materials create a space that embodies the spirit of the contemporary metropolis – exhilarating, elegant, energy-charged.

THE PHOTOGRAPHER – In the depths of a pristine Norwegian forest, the photographer’s home stands out for its wide-open outdoor spaces that drench the interiors with natural light. The textured walls made of wood and cement, and the palette of greens and browns draw nature inside. The furniture consists of a thoughtful combination of contemporary pieces of linear and minimal design, armchairs that evoke the mid-century and exquisitely made sofas that contrast with the simplicity of the architectural elements.

THE WRITER – On the banks of Lake Maggiore, the residence of an acclaimed novelist is an oasis of calm and of eclectic, refined design. Continuity with the external environment is conferred by the use of cement and stone, while the textured colour palette in shades of grey and blue acts as a unifying theme throughout the design of the house. The wide glass walls overlooking the lake and the winter garden bring the beauty of the outdoors into the home, while the sensual softness of the furnishings with all their sinuous lines bestow the space with a truly feminine charm.

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