From dream
to reality

Values with the Power of a Creed

The philosophy of ONIRO Group is based on declarations of intent, vision and values – at the same time the most valuable heritage from the past and a perspective for the future. At the core of the Group, they determine its personality and address all its choices.



The Palpable Spirit of Beauty

ONIRO Group redefines the culture of luxury and beauty according to a contemporary vision, modelling dreams into unique objects through tireless research to discover new and daring means of expression.


The Power of the Dream

ONIRO Group believes in the power of dreams in people’s lives, transforming every vision into a living reality.

Freedom of Vision

[ Multiculturalism ]

For ONIRO Group, luxury is, above all, a culture that must be fully understood before it can be applied with talent and success.

The Group’s creative and planning approach is not limited to its ability to execute a project: its talent lies in its ability to see, know and manage customers in a different way.

ONIRO Group does not impose its own vision. Endowed with a versatile mindset open to the world, it knows how to sustain, enrich and promote the development of brands that respond to diverse cultures – to realise any kind of dream.

In Celebration of Diversity

[ Relativism ]

A global player, ONIRO Group caters for partners and companies that are very different from one another, managing the complexities and embracing the richness of perspectives and aspirations

An evolved creative and cultural process that translates into ad hoc strategies, developed for each brand as though it were the only one.

The Power of Imagination

[ Dream ]

Every choice is derived from a strong personal dream that is firmly linked to the times and the society in which we live. The dream belongs exclusively to its creator, it’s a private treasure that leads to the expression of individuality and uniqueness.

The importance of satisfying the dream dimension, and the emotional and experiential value associated with it, is a concept embedded in ONIRO Group that echoes the god of dreams in both name and mission.

There is nothing more fascinating and gratifying than knowing that a dream can become real, crossing through different stages of existence. From imagination to design conception, from idea to material, from dream to reality.

Above and Beyond Everything

[ Superlative ]

Identity creates a memorable image and a feeling of powerful individuality. There is no possible comparison for the expression of an individual taste or passion and, therefore, for a creative identity. This is indivisible, non-negotiable: it simply is.

The Group is superlative in its expression of the value of this individuality.
Inspired by the Latin expression “id est” – it is thus –ONIRO Group forges singular identities and experiences. Every brand within the Group, true to its own essence, pursues strategies and objectives to achieve the best manifestation of its own personality.

Timeless, Through Time

[ Timelessness ]

Thanks to a timeless creative approach that is at the core of its operation, ONIRO Group not only expresses its Made in Italy heritage based on the Italian historic and cultural tradition but also on cutting-edge know-how: an exceptional combination of experimentation and innovation.

Aware that a temporal dimension plays a crucial role in the creative approach, the Group is simultaneously historic, bound to the myth and profoundly contemporary. The continuous dialogue between the past, present and future creates a space where the perfect balance between tradition and modernity can flourish.

The Harmony of Complexity

[ Alchemy ]

Creative processes are by their very nature alchemical, being syntheses of opposing forces that both resist and attract.
This tension feeds the creative approach of ONIRO Group, which constantly activates and nurtures the creation of values through new and daring means of expression, endowing them with original meaning.

Thanks to continual research and the desire to look beyond established canons of design, the Group makes the concept of sophistication its own, finding in the management of complexity its true space for expression.

Touching the Sublime

[ Beauty ]

Beauty resides at the apex of ONIRO Group’s pyramid of values; it constitutes the pole star that orients the path of creativity and design in its every expression.

ONIRO Group sublimates functionality, putting it at the service of pleasure and aesthetics, in the name of art, for art’s sake. In addition to their absolute exclusivity and luxury, the Group’s creations develop a new vision of beauty.

Their beauty – quality of an item’s spirit, not just its aesthetic quality – awakens feelings and emotions in a relationship of understanding.

Living culture

ONIRO Group research project, where the vital life-blood of creative and conceptual processes becomes a contribution to society.

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