Library of Dreams

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A library to investigate the dream dimension

On the occasion of Milan Design Week, ONIRO Lab has created the Library of Dreams (Biblioteca del Sogno), the first collection in Italy entirely dedicated to the dimension of dreams and explored in literature, art, science and beyond.

To inaugurate the project, a site-specific installation was placed in front of the Group’s showroom in Milan. In the space adjacent to the shop, sheltered by the portico, dreams and the words used to describe them came to life: literary quotes, taken from the volumes of the Library of Dreams, marked the steps of visitors, wrapping them in a dreamlike atmosphere and inviting them to reflect on the meaning of dreams in their various forms.

The collection, which will be expanded over time with further titles and editions, comprises different book categories, to explore the oneiric world from multiple perspectives. The most famous publications by Freud and Jung meet modern neuroscientific theories, while works in prose and poetry tell of night and day dreams. Even graphic novels and comics are part of the selection, as well as books dedicated to artists, photographers and designers who have been inspired by dreams in their work.

The Library of Dreams has now been moved in ONIRO Group's headquarters, where it is available to employees and visitors.

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