ONIRO Lab presents Dreamwall

ONIRO Group transforms every dream into a living reality: at the same time, it is a reality made by people, each with their own dreams and desires. People are the engine of ONIRO Group, as well as the final recipients of its works. Dreamwall, an installation created in the Group’s headquarters, aims to highlight the dreams of those who are part of this reality.

To realise it, employees were asked to write and share anonymously their secret dream, be it big or small. The texts thus collected gave life to the installation, which consists of various writings running on wall-mounted LED screens. The work will be constantly enriched, thanks to the dreams of all the people who come into contact with ONIRO Group.

The aim is to create a living project, able to tell the dreams of different individuals connected by a work bond, entering a more intimate sphere and generating an exchange between individual and community. A project that wants to make us reflect on the meaning of our daydreams and, at the same time, on the diversity and similarity of us all.

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