Italian Finest Atmospheres


Introducing the most exclusive selection of boiserie and walk-in closets from Jumbo Collection

Inside the most spectacular houses, the finest furniture is enhanced and highlighted by a carefully designed frame. And in these luxurious mansions, there is always a special, made-to-measure room that is devoted to one’s fashion treasures and beauty. In both cases, it is all about creating the perfect atmosphere.
Following such inspiration, Jumbo Collection’s Interior Design Service – the versatile interior design studio where architecture, art, design and craftsmanship coexist – created Italian Finest Atmospheres, a brand-new catalogue displaying a selection of masterfully designed boiserie and walk-in closets.

The selection is a mix of new and existing projects. Starting with the Michelangelo boiserie, with its classical lines enhanced by a contemporary twist. The sumptuous velvet upholstery creates an enveloping feeling, making any environment a treasure chest where the level of comfort is at its maximum. In fact, beauty and well-being match perfectly within the Michelangelo boiserie, as requested by the owner of this mansion in the heart of the US: a passionate lover of luxury, design, craftmanship and Italian style.

In this palace, an historic building exuding Southern charm, one of the jewels is the Frida walk-in closet. Carefully designed to meet needs and desires of a very refined Lady, the space is feminine yet functional, full of details to be discovered. In the closet, a work of full and empty volumes is perfectly orchestrated with the lighting system, while the mirrors’ squared lines and the luxury textiles upholstering some of the walls add extra sophistication to the whole.

Moving back to Europe, Bohème boiserie evokes refinement and a tale full of luxury and elegance, like a stage with an historic aura. In this magic Villa located in the French Riviera, the request of a well-known soprano was to enjoy her spare time in an environment soaked with charm. The decoration is inspired by the French style while the lines perfectly fit modern atmospheres. The colour white prevails on the walls, reaches the ceilings and creates a flawless contrast with moulding and carving.

In the same Villa, another stunning environment is ready to be discovered: playing with decoration and lightness the extra luxury walk-in closet Fuji is a dream come true. The most precious materials and finest workmanship contribute to making Fuji the perfect system for the ideal wardrobe. The mood board of the walk-in closet is precious and composite: the base is in multilayer wood with a metal and glass framework, the glass is enriched with hand carved decoration and a lighting system, and a white onyx element encompasses the entire structure.

Moving to another location, in celebration of its deep fascination for oriental culture Jumbo Collection introduces Ukiyo, a boiserie inspired by the Japanese floating world. One of its main features is a modern take for a traditional ritual: the setting evokes the charming Japanese tea ceremony, solemn yet comfortable. The walls, enriched by detailed miniatures of oriental landscapes and bamboo leaves, reflect the geometries of the tatami floor. A straw decorative panel depicts a harmonious panorama, while bamboo canes engraved in scented cedarwood create an effect of perspective depth. The majestic chandelier – regular volumes at different heights – fits perfectly within the mood of the space. The Ukiyo boiserie is created by a selection of precious materials: multilayer wood panels veneered in oak with profiles in solid oak, panels covered in rattan and panels lacquered “chinoiserie” style, gypsum oriental themed decorations in antique patinated gold leaf, with semi glossy finishing.

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