Another Future

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A special double event with the participation of the five brands of the Group

On the occasion of Milano Design City 2020, a format proposed by the municipality of Milan from September 28th to October 10th, ONIRO Group presents at Via Hoepli showroom a special double event with the participation of the five brands of the group.

Another Future, this is the name of the exposition, offers a new perspective on the future of the collections. At the entrance to the exhibition space, the visitor gets involved in a double experiential journey: on the right side of the showroom Jumbo Collection, ONIRO Group’s classic line, and the fashion brands Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors, Gianfranco Ferré Home and ETRO Home Interiors show a preview on the 2021 collections. On the opposite side JCP Universe, the experimental brand, exhibits its new pieces in a scenographic display blurring the line between art and design.

In their dedicated space, Jumbo Collection and the fashion brands illustrate the continuous evolution and transformation of the furniture lines, waiting to be presented to the world during Salone del Mobile.2021. An original installation unveils an absolute preview of an iconic seat for each brand: the four armchairs, each one positioned on a platform like works of art, are representative of a new emblematic living room of the 2021 collection. Accompanied and supported by four screens that project videos of the new living spaces, the exhibition reveals moods and trends of the future, in an immersive flash-forward that throws the visitor into the Salone del Mobile.2021.

JCP Universe exhibits the pieces of the new collection through the concept Another Nature. The otherworldly setup, curated by CTRLZAK, aims to bring attention to the theme of the interaction between man and nature, in a historical moment for humankind when we have finally realized how deeply is our planet affected by our actions. In the world we inhabit, our natural environment is where all our thoughts, actions and lives stem from: everything we imagine and create is ultimately based on what nature offers us. Another Nature presents JCP Universe unique ecology through symbolic pieces of an alternative reality. A new dimension that hopefully will make us ponder upon our own, here on planet earth.

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