A screening initiative for employees


Oniro Group and Porro promote a screening initiative for their female employees

Oniro Group and Porro S.p.A., important companies in the furniture industry with a long-standing presence in the area, are promoting a joint screening initiative for their female workers. On Thursday, 20 July, all employees of the two companies were offered a free breast ultrasound and, from the age of 40, also a mammography.

Moreno Brambilla, President and CEO of Oniro Group, commented on participating in the project, carried out in partnership with Welfarecare: “We want to convey a message of care and concern for people, even before the employees. The last few years have been difficult, and at times we had to make sacrifices that affected our health. Now we need to refocus on what really matters. The initiative is part of our corporate welfare plan and allows us to pay special attention to women, who now represent half of the company’s workforce in various areas. We had full support for the project, and I am personally very happy about it”.

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