An ancient palace in Paris


An ancient palace in Paris

An extremely classical, highly decorative shell encasing a selection of more contemporary pieces, toning down the opulent atmosphere and making it elegantly discreet. Gold, white, nude and creamy hues combined together to create a dreamy, suffused environment, drinking in the full outside light and its shiny reflections on all precious surfaces. The designers’ flair focused on the ceiling and wall decoration, creating delicate intricate patterns in a white and gold palette, warming up the natural coldness of pure marbles with the warmer touches of precious metallic details.

A careful selection of unusual furniture pieces, mixing up simpler and more lavish items in precious materials such as mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals, casted bronzes, onyx and marbles, manufactured with traditional craftsmanship and antique techniques by our own carvers and masters. Versatility is the essence of our service: Thanks to our three-sided soul, we can be at the same time furniture makers, product designers or researchers, scouting the market for the best available solutions, to satisfy any kind of customer needs and create real tailor-made designs of your dreams.

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